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EaseUS Data Recovery Guide: Recover up to 97.3% of deleted data

A manipulation error and you lost a file forever… We are not going to lie to each other, it happened to all of us! EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard destroys data recovery software. After scanning your disk, you can find the accidentally deleted files. Let’s find out this software …

EaseUS Data Recovery Guide

EaseUS is a well-known software publisher in the storage world: partition management, backup / restore, disk copy, etc. It also offers a complete data recovery package for Mac, Windows… but also for Android and iOS. Today we will find out its software Data Recovery Guide Available for Mac and Windows PC.

Simple and fast

Data Recovery Guide Data recovery tool deleted. Deleted files can be recovered even after formatting. Ability to work on disk with deleted partition. After downloading and installing the software, the tool will first offer to scan your hard drive. If there are many, no problem, choose the one you like.

Analyze Data Recovery - EaseUS Data Recovery Guide: Recover up to 97.3% of deleted data

First, there is a step, and it will be long: analysis. This first step is necessary because the software will scan your drive completely for missing files. After a quick scan, it will give you data recovery… but in the background, it will do a more complete and efficient scan. You can follow the progress of the analysis to the percentage of progress in the bottom left. Be careful, it’s not over … it’s only a preview of what he can recover.

Even if the full scan is not finalized, you already have several options. In fact, it is possible to recover a file (individually), a set of files or all files. To make your task easier, you can filter the types of files (audio, photo, video, email, documents, zip, etc.) you want to recover, but adapt to their extension. It is very practical and easy to use.

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Filters - EaseUS Data Recovery Guide: Recover up to 97.3% of deleted data

So be careful, although the data recovery wizard may seem like a miracle product … it has some limitations.

With our demo Windows 10 PC, the software detected 1522 deleted files after a quick scan. With an advanced (and longer) scan, it found 3790 files. All you have to do is select the files to recover and press the button To recover. The tool will ask you where you want to save the recovered file (s). It is strongly recommended not to choose the original drive (or location). This may result in errors or the inability to recover other files.

Another little tip to make the tool more efficient, download now to be more efficient in recovering your deleted data.

Free and paid

The data recovery guide tool is called a Free data recovery software… But it has some limitations. In its free version you can only recover 2GB of data. This may be enough to restore your carelessly erased memory or your compatibility in Excel. If you want to break this lock you have to pay 66.69 pay. Beyond the possibility of retrieving an unlimited amount of data, you will be entitled to remote assistance to assist you if needed.

For more expertise, know that there is an offer at 95.90. Except as we mentioned earlier, a WinPE can be downloaded when the system no longer starts. It will be useful

Use the current discount to get a pro license:

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