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Invitation for a brilliant, interesting listening tour - Grenzாக்ck-Vihlan

Invitation for a brilliant, interesting listening tour – Grenzாக்ck-Vihlan

Six banks call for information via smartphone via QR codes / Adult Education Center and the Local Historical Society would like to expand the offer.

. Strollers may have already noticed the QR codes on many of the benches in Greencock. If you are very interested in owning your mobile phone, you know what it is. The benches marked in this way belong to the audio tour started jointly by Volkswagen (VHS) Grenzாக்ck-Wyhlen and the Local Historical Society.

So far six banks have been added. They had to be in a place of historical significance or in a place of special interest. So far, the locations include Otsonbrunen, the town hall bench in front of the Roman villa, Village Square, Shishujuskassli, Richterbankil and Schleswigenkel. “The Center for Adult Education seeks to make a contemporary contribution to the enjoyment and communication of historical information,” explained Melanie Penningers, Educational Assistant at the Center for Adult Education. “Modern digital technology is in a state of renewal in two respects as well as exploration alone.”

For each seat selected so far, a short text is attached together, the story lasts 90 seconds, which Helmut Faulkner speaks. The president of the local Historical Society chats in his well-known humorous way and communicates all sorts of, often unknown facts, in a very entertaining way. For example, “Shishusskasley” has this unofficial nickname, or it is reminiscent of the specialty of local researcher Erhard Richter. The texts are entertaining and not overburdened in any way.

How this walk is done is yours. There is no given direction or beginning or end. You can use the code to call the information on the site. If your smartphone does not have a QR scanner, you will need to download an app first to get the texts. If you already have a program like this on your mobile phone, you can open it directly with the code. Older photos of the respective location can also be viewed later on the device.

After all, it’s a variety of information that will surprise even local people. For example, visitors learn that Otsenbrunen was not in its present location in the past, that Schulzley once belonged to Sparkos founder Imhof, and that Grenzok Town Hall was used to set up a prison, school and fire department. “We definitely offer the most focused guided tour of the city for those who come to our community,” Helmut Faulkner said. “Even those in a hurry can find something from Greencock in a matter of minutes.”

Stations in Violin are in production

Melanie Penningers added that it should not stop there. “We have already selected a few points on Vihlan that will be included in the audio walk in the coming weeks.” Initial feedback from users already exists. Now the VHS is to create permanent identities for the benches, if possible and above all, by a company in the community.