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Interview – Roms 2332, Recordman Sur Ring Fit Adventure

This Friday, June 25, 2021, a world record was officially verified: it roms2332, On top of that World1 Sports Ring Fit Adventure Available exclusively Nintendo Switch. This relentless wrestler has been wrestling for weeks on his Twitch channel (Co-founder of Switch-Act) Finally picked up Crawl, To be in the first place among the nearly 8 billion human beings (If all humans had played Ring Fit). Stimulating our curiosity, this world record gave us the idea for the interview Roms2332. Please feel free to ask him some questions between the two autographs.

Switch-Act: First and foremost, the boat question: How to become a world record holder in Ring Fit Adventure?

It gives a sense of pride, but talent, which is very unique. Deficiency dominates pride.


SA: The second question is a small boat: Roms 2332, it’s time to introduce yourself.

My name is Romaine, and I only do anything on the internet, as long as I want. I co-founded Switch-Act with Benjamin (you really are) and Quentin, who for many years tried my hand at twitching on YouTube videos (playing bass cover and mainly) with music settings on SoundCloud and more recently all sorts of challenges. .


SA: When did you think it was a good idea to try to create achievement in this game?

I do not even remember where this idea came from, but I’m a big fan of SmallAnt, Twitzur / SpeedRunnor, best known for his performances in Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda’s Breath Breath (I recommend it), I’m always followed the pace with one eye, especially at a distance ” 88 Miles El Hear “Thanks for the episodes of the show. After I started tweeting, I was looking for some fun and original live ideas, and then at that time I stumbled upon a ring fit adventure business or video consultation. I made a contact in my head, I consulted the board and said to myself: Why not?


SA: What record exactly did you break?

I broke the world record in the “Beat World 1, no seriousness, no purpose” category. More precisely, this run is from a new area, with World 1 finishing as fast as possible. When I started this challenge, the Canadian set the record of 8 minutes 56 seconds and 960 milliseconds, and my new record is 8 minutes 47 seconds and 330 milliseconds. Overall the other genres are more or less busy, but the overall game remains a neglected sport in terms of speed, and this genre is over-played (46 runs are currently posted on the board).

Record to Monte Romes 2332 Ring Fit Record
Screen capture from June 25, 2021

SA: What is so complicated about this world record fight?

Integrating new information and continuously, reproducing it completely to the same flow is the hard part. It really happened in stages. During the first runs, I had to come up with the game, the dynamics of the game, as well as the way the run should go overall. I had to watch several runs carefully to fix mine. I quickly reached the top 20 and then the top 5 spots. Reaching the stage was very difficult because in the meantime the world record was improved by several seconds. After reaching the podium, it is necessary not only to separate the first runs in the standings, but also to reproduce the series micro-benefits in a single run. This is what I was able to do with a few more mistakes, but overall a good run allowed me to get 1st on board.


SA: You could meticulously see how registration verifications work and how it works. Which body checks it in this case?

The site thanks the volunteers who organize themselves through the board and the game. For the Ring Fit Adventure game, there are 3 reviewers who connect from time to time and have a list of runs to check or reject. Verification 1 day can take up to 3 weeks because it depends entirely on the availability of evaluators. Each category has a set of rules to follow, if one of them is invalid, run. So it is important to read these rules carefully before you start recording runs!


SA: If someone passes you by, will you try to take your place?

Currently, we are very close to 2 and we are approaching the exact theoretical flow (which is about 8 minutes 43 seconds). I am now scoring runs to reach my maximum and I know the second person on the team is trying on his side. Therefore, he will, for a long time, break my record, and so will I. Question: Who will reach the theoretical minimum? A streamer who shares what he wants to do above all else, so as long as I want to do it, I will try to break my record, why not make some runs in other categories!


SA: Tactical question: Is that the kind you have to push in the gym?

Of course not, I’m fat. I like to run from time to time, but in short periods (a few weeks), with large intervals between these periods (several months). Otherwise, I spend my free time with my hobbies, sports are not one of them.


SA: Have you noticed any muscle change, better endurance or anything since you started?

No, a lot of sweating yes, but to achieve optimal timing, you have to do the run quietly so I don’t really run, but I only move my knees (I do small squats). So the effort is not enormous. I feel an awkwardness in my knees after long sessions, but nothing worse.


SA: Now you are at the peak, the sun is just above your head, what’s next?

The next step is to stream the games and challenges I like. I realize that Ring Fit Adventure is not a very interesting game to watch, I will get bored of myself soon, so I will be looking for other challenges to stream for the next few months! I look forward to the release of Pokemon Legends Arcius and hope to try another fast run in another completely different game next year as to why not.


SA: Now is the time to do your ad: Where can we follow you?

Surely Traction And Twitter @ roms2332, and from time to time I do some testing on the switch-act as well. I’m also on SoundCloud and YouTube, a little less, but I post a few things. You will be notified of all my messages on my Twitter, no matter what the site.


Photo Description Credit: Nina Naner

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