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The Ioden Chronicle is planned for the next generation Nintendo consoles

We don’t stay with the times

There is a lot of talk about this in the community of JRPG fans Iodine Chronicle – One Hundred Heroes, The title expected from reputable original developers Suykotan, Which is a kind of spiritual continuum.

The Kickstarter campaign The title went so well that it easily broke all the layers imposed at the time of recording and is already going to confirm a cycle (from verse Rising) And tearing up a contract Microsoft To get the title Game The Boss Lentils day one.

There is only one “but”: however, this is not an easy topic to develop regardless of cost, and as with many development studies, the impact of the global epidemic has only been felt in terms of perceived speed, and the project is now scheduled to exit in 2023.

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The skepticism about the title’s release sites comes automatically: the current gen, first predicted in 2023 on gaming machines, will definitely expire in 2023, but Rapid & Bear Studios They present the problem only relatively.

A post on Q&A On the Kickstarter page of the program, in fact, the sites currently offered (and insured for financiers) are Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC (Steam and Epic Game Store, plus Microsoft Game Pass Edition) and … “Nintendo’s next generation hardware“.

Therefore, if the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are still part of the equation, we are interested in how the current Nintendo console (or, at the very least, the current version) is not taken into consideration, and we move directly to the next. After all, the switch hardware will definitely be overtaken in 2023, though it is unknown Iodine Chronicle This is a resource-hungry topic – albeit technically and artistically admirable – because of its nature as a 2D topic. We will see.

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