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Intelligent images of the first helicopter to fly to Mars

Intelligent images of the first helicopter to fly to Mars

NASA’s ingenious helicopter briefly soars off the ground from Mars, The first motor-equipped craft to fly to another planet, Monday, April 19th. “Now we can say that humans have flown a motorized device to another planet!” “, Excited mMe Mimi Ang, Helicopter Project Manager.

A short video of the flight, taken by the Perseverance Rover, which came to mind on Red Planet before landing, was released following the announcement. We see artisans landing on the surface of Mars at an altitude of about three meters above sea level. The helicopter sent a black-and-white photo showing its shadow on the ground.

This function was a real challenge, as the Martian wind is only 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere. However, only by pushing air can the impulses lift the weight. in Mars, “There are fewer molecules to grow”, Mimi Ang explained before the flight.

To achieve this, although gravity is less important than Earth, So NASA teams had to build an ultralight machine (1.8 kg), Its blades become much faster than a stationary helicopter. With its four feet and two exaggerated blades (1.2 m in length), it looks like a giant drone.

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