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Official Beta Launches -

Official Beta Launches –

Xbox Cloud Gaming expands to include platforms that support PC and iOS, beta coming soon

Microsoft has announced an expansion Xbox Game Boss, Especially Cloud gaming Included in the Ultimate Service Windows 10 PC and iOS devices, Or IPhone and iPod, Starting tomorrow with the invitation beta, which will gradually expand.

The feature is still being tested, so this is a startup Invitation, But starting tomorrow, April 20, 2021, The first batch of users will be selected to participate in the Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta on PCs with Windows 10 and iOS devices, in both cases Browser.

Xbox Cloud Gaming On these devices it takes place via the portal (The Link Currently the Xbox GamePass refers to the public site (if you do not receive a call, since it is still limited access), which allows people in beta More than 100 games List of Xbox Game Passes by Browser Edge, Chrome e Safari.

For now it is a test on a limited user base, distributed in 22 countriesItaly, But it will gradually become a definite activity in the coming months by 2021, if all expected tests pass positively.

“In order to expand the number of users as much as possible, our plan is to rapidly roll out Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC and iOS for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in the coming months,” Microsoft said in an official statement.

Only callers are required Connect a controller Bluetooth or USB compatible and start playing Web Home Presented by Xbox Cloud Gaming. After the free games for first subscribers, we look forward to hearing about other topics scheduled for the Xbox Game Pass in April 2021, while we can assume that this service will deliver new games one day, the strategy has proven successful.

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