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Intel teases Apple: What you can't do with the Mac M1 here

Intel teases Apple: What you can’t do with the Mac M1 here

Law Partnership Draw Intel Ed Apple It lasted for many years with perfect harmony. The first company had been buying chips since 2005, and the second company had been providing computers with Intel processors exclusively to its customers.

However, we know it well The partnership has recently disintegrated, When Cupertino decided to design his own home SoC Apple Silicon. Now Intel, After the “declaration of war” made by your SEO, Has gone on the counter-attack with a specific advertising campaign.

Intel launched A new advertising campaign The goal is to underscore what users can do with a computer blocked by technical or physical limitations on a Mac equipped with Apple Silicon SoC. Every Mac sold with this chip sells less than the Intel processor, So it is understandable that Behimot has decided to stick its nails in to convince Apple to take a step back in its decision to end the federation.

In an advertisement for the campaign, the text reads: “Provides tablet mode, touch screen and stylus capabilities on only one PC device“.

Intel marketing campaign against Apple

Intel goes as far as to say it Max is not suitable for gaming, its true, Or to engineers, Programs like Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks are not available (to name a few). According to Intel, Windows has a larger list of software and games than MacOS, so the choice should be easy.

One of the CEOs recalled mentioning the abandonment of the Mac operating system by the developers.If you can start Rocket League, you are not on Mac“First This game is no longer available for Apple computers since last year.

Among the many peculiarities of the marketing campaign, we find A video Developed in conjunction with YouTube John Reddinger, The advantages of having a PC include standard USB ports, touch screen, EGBU support and the possibility of working with two external displays.

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Meanwhile, Apple says it needs to finish switching from Intel processors to Apple Silicon At the end of 2022Mac computers with Intel CPUs are no longer listed. Colleagues from 9-to-5 Mac, It is clear that Intel has nothing to lose in this campaign against Apple, the company has already lost everything it could.

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