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Application Improvement: Google is updating the quality checklist for Android apps

Application Improvement: Google is updating the quality checklist for Android apps

Google has created a new section for application quality on the developer website. Interested parties can not only find current information about application development, but also obtain relevant resources to adapt their applications to the minimum requirements regarding the quality required by Google.

The update brings an updated quality checklist, which is divided into five sections: Visual Experience, Functionality, Performance and Stability, Privacy and Security and Google Play. For example, under Visual Experience you can find best practices for visual design of an application: Google recommends using object design elements instead of platform elements such as buttons for a more modern look, and easily integrating dark mode. You can also find tips for maintaining the status of an application, as edge-to-edge screens and gesture control are also important for entry-level devices.

The function is divided into three additional sections with updated information. To improve performance, Google provided information about the playback experience and HEVC compression support for video encryption. The Android Partition Sheet is considered as a tool for sharing between applications. Finally, Google also offers recommendations for playback services, which can make apps’ battery life more efficient.

The next item on the quality checklist is dedicated to performance and stability. The company is expanding this area with already available tools, for example, Android Vitals, which detects issues related to the stability and power consumption of real users on the Play console. Google emphasizes that errors such as Application Note Response (ANR) are caused by threatening issues and that developers can fix them. ARN Adjustment is designed to help developers detect and fix ARNs.

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With regard to data security and security, Google has summarized recent recommendations to consider security measures, from runtime authentication to secure use of the webview. The company has also expanded data security standards from protecting private data to using non-reset hardware IDs.

Last but not least, the Google Play section provides users with relevant guidelines and tips for further information. Additional details on the first update of the quality checklist The announcement can be found on the Android Developers blog post. Google plans to update its application quality checklist quarterly.


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