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Instagram Story Download: How to Download Instagram Stories

Instagram Story Download: How to Download Instagram Stories

Another Instagram story is only visible for 24 hours. But if you appear in it, you can always save it on your smartphone. There are different ways Instagram Story-Download. First, we respond that you store your own story, and then download third-party Instagram stories – as well as videos and photos.

1. Download your own Instagram story

On Android and iOS devices, backing up your own story works instantly when downloading content through the Instagram app.

To save your own Instagram story, do the following:

  1. Open the Insagram processor on your mobile.
  2. Open your story in your profile or archive.
  3. In the upper center, tap the down arrow.
  4. Content is now saved and the Instagram story is in your gallery.

2. Download someone else’s Instagram story

If you want to save someone else’s story, you have to take a little detour.

There are three options for downloading Instagram story:

1. Screenshot and screen-recording:

If this is a picture, you can take a screenshot of the story you want to save. If it is a video, you can save the story using the screen recording function of your smartphone. The user whose story you want to save will not notice this process.

For instructions on how to capture screen captures on iPhone, click here.

2. Application:

There are various apps that offer Instagram Story downloads on the Play Store and App Store. For Android phones There are For example, there is “Story Saver for Instagram”.

The big downside of these apps is that the apps cost something or have a lot of ads. You also need to link your Instagram profile with the app. However, such applications serve their purpose.

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3. Browser:

The safest and most effective way to download Instagram stories is through your browser. You can find many websites on the internet in which you can type the profile name of the person whose story you want to save.

By clicking Download, the related story will be saved on your PC or mobile phone. As a rule, you do not have to register for this. Such a website There is For example

Conclusion: Download story? No problem

There are many options for downloading Instagram Story – whether it is yours or another user’s. However, you should note that you cannot reuse other people’s stories. Saved content is permitted for personal use only.

Now you know how to save Instagram story. But we have other useful Instagram tips for you: If the application crashes, you can do it. If you regularly delete your search history on Instagram, you will better protect your privacy. This is how you post self-deleting pictures on Instagram.

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