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Telegram is about getting anti-spoiler function

If you talk in groups with friends about the latest movie and do not want to annoy other participants about the hated spoilers, you can hide the chat text in the future. […]

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Producers Telegraph Constantly providing new functions to the community. The ambassador received some innovations in early December to protect content, send anonymously to public groups, manage connected devices, or delete messages by date. In which more Telegram blog post.


Anti-spoiler function like technology portal “Giga” is to be integrated soon. Reported. Users can hide the text so that in a group, they can talk about a new series or new image, for example, the rest are protected from infamous spoilers. According to iga Giga they should be marked when spoiler messages are created.

You can see how it looks in the tweet below. The functionality is currently under development and it is not currently known when it will be implemented on all platforms.

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