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Dragon Quest Creator promises "all kinds of announcements" for the 35th anniversary

Dragon Quest Creator promises “all kinds of announcements” for the 35th anniversary

Next year, the Square Enix long-running JRPG series Dragon Quest Turns 35 years old. So, what can we expect? According to creator Yuji Hori, there will be all kinds of announcements. This year he has to say here Dragon Quest X Fall Festival About the upcoming anniversary:

“Thank you so much for today. Next year, Dragon Quest Celebrating its 35th anniversary. I hope we can make all kinds of announcements regarding that. There is still a lot of fun to look forward to in Astoldia [the world of Dragon Quest X]. Continue to support Dragon Quest In the future. thank you very much!”

Many Dragon Quest titles are known to be in development, but sites and release dates are not yet locked. One of them is obvious Dragon Quest XII – It was known from the beginning of this year when Hori confirmed that this new entry will be in development from 2019 onwards.

Apart from this, it is said to be new Dragon Quest Monsters In the works talked about sports and one Possible remake Nintendo DS title, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of Starry Skies.

Fingers crossed Switch, which gets some Dragon Quest love in its year. Tell us what you see below.

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