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Fallen Legion Revenants Available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Fallen Legion Revenants Available for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

NIS America is pleased to announce it Fallen Legion Revenants Available in Europe for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for. Fallen Legion Revenants The sequel Fallen Legion: The sins of an empire e Fallen Regiment: The Flames of Rebellion.

About the game:

In a perishing world, the floating castle is mankind’s last refuge. Welkin’s castle is isolated from the atrocities below, so the land is seen with plague-bearing beasts. Lucian, a charismatic politician guarded within the castle walls, finds an ancient book where he learns about prototypes, weapons that can be turned into sensible warriors. He joins forces with Rowana who is determined to find a way back to life to raise his living son, and the two make a deal to overthrow the mad tyrant who controls Welkin.

Key Features:

  • Destiny Weaver: Influence events within the castle through your conversation choices and determine who lives or dies in every decision you make.
  • Spectral Warriors – As Rowena, when you command a team of famous role models to destroy your enemies, test your reflections and tactical strength in intense real-time battles.
  • Restricted Knowledge – As Lucian, create invisible tricks to create medicines and other useful items through alchemical recipes and use invisible tricks to navigate the castle and uncover its secrets.