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Indy Homes live show tonight at 7pm Nintendo Connect

Indy Homes live show tonight at 7pm Nintendo Connect

This evening at 7 p.m. Indy Homes Live On Twitch and YouTube. There is something new Dream cycle, Wolfstride, Townscaper, The kingdom has two crowns Even more so.

The direct show takes place digitally Indie Home Festival Until September 7 and including Many new announcements Open more. Interested players can enjoy an hour-long live show on Twitch, YouTube and Steam and sign up for the special Steam sale More than 100 discount indie games Contrast Indy houses Portfolios look forward to. Additionally, you can steam and follow live broadcasts from individual developers More than 40 demos Will be played.

Indy houses Done by Acupuncture Games (Grim), Fellow traveler (Paradise Killer), Neon theory (With vigilance), Raw angry (Sable), Those wonderful guys (Move or die), Dodge Productions (Coffee talk) and Whitehorn games (Calico) with the aim of jointly supporting independent developer studios in creating their visions. Among other things, you can expect the following highlights:

Acupuncture Games:

  • New announcement
  • A song release during a live show

Fellow traveler:

  • New announcement in conjunction with Silverstring Media
  • Updates for Suzarine And No long house
  • Announcement of the new partnership

Neon theory:

  • Announcement of the game Degraded
  • Release Date for The Legend of Tianting

Raw Anger:

  • Reveals coming Kingdom: Two crowns Extension
  • Update to Townscaper

Dodge Products:

  • New announcement
  • Announcement of a mysterious series

Whitehorn Games:

  • Trailers and demos for upcoming games
  • News too Teakup
  • Release Date for Lake

The Indie Homes live show Tonight at 7pm it gives an overview of the future Indy houses And how independent development studios promote each other and help reach a legion of fans together. You may be notified on YouTube as soon as the stream starts!

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