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Disco Elysium: Final Cut Nintendo Switch Edition Receives PEGI Rating

Release date may be approaching

Disco Elysium One of the most popular topics on the computer last year, and “The final cut“Definitely delighted everyone who had no way to play with Steam on the console.

Disco Elysium: Final cut Already available on PS4 and PS5 since last March, but the release date for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions has not been officially announced yet. With the latest rumors, The release looks very close on the Nintendo console.

As mentioned Twisted Voxel, Dispo Elysium’s Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch Editions: Final Cut Received a PEGI Rating Official site Of the company. It is very common for this to happen near the exit, we have seen it Ni No Kuni II, Super monkey milk banana mania Et al .; So, while this is not an official press release, we can certainly assume that it is the title Is coming very soon And in the hybrid of large N.

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The exact release date, of course, is not yet certain, but as has already happened it is reasonable to expect the official announcement to come within a month or two.

Have you already played Disco Elysium? Do you want to play it on the switch?