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PS3 servers are having trouble downloading games

PS3 servers are having trouble downloading games

The pre-retirement plan for the PS3 store did not go as planned. Servers are in trouble this Easter weekend.

You can not miss it, Sony will definitely close the blinds of PS3, BSP and PS Vita July 2, 2021.

This decision, which greatly restricts the capabilities of these 3 consoles, is unfortunately inevitable in a world where outdated technologies and machines are leading the new generation. 89 days, Which seems to be the blind lifespan of these 3 ecosystems before it is extinguished and which are the reported causes of death Some issues with PS3’s services.

At the time of this writing, hundreds of Internet users are multiplying messages on Twitter to indicate that it is theirs. Games cannot be downloaded from the store. This is very worrying More recently purchased games than old transactions.

Instead, the players involved have the right to the appearance of error codes. 80029509 and 80029721.

For now, Sony is not yet officially operational, but we suspect that this kind of issue could have been better.

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