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John John unknowingly accepted the Firefly Fun House contest

John John unknowingly accepted the Firefly Fun House contest

John Peena was interviewed by Ten of Geek to discuss his Peacemaker project, but also brought up the topic of WWE.

His last WWE adventure was at Firefly Fun House between John Gina and Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36, ​​and he returned to the topic claiming that he had unknowingly accepted the project:

“I have a Firefly Fun House contest with me, which could be a 45-minute interview for another day, because this idea was thrown at me at the last minute. When I asked what a Firefly Fun House contest was I was told they didn’t know. Most people would panic about that, but you I was amazed at how much free space could create something special. “

John John also says that he is happy with the fall of the competition and the storyline that was able to impress so many fans. Although nothing was decided, John started the project without fear.

This contest was created by Bray Wyatt as we learned in a week after WrestleMania 36. John Gina’s next WWE appearance is something to be seen because he’s very busy with his films, but he still tells himself. Time presents itself.

Photo credit: WWE

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