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Just like the Dragon available on the PlayStation 5, download the outfit for free

Just like the Dragon available on the PlayStation 5, download the outfit for free

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Seka and Ryu Ka Kotoku Studio have introduced Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PlayStation 5, bringing new hero Ichiban Kazuka and his strange group of foreigners to Sony’s next General. Yakuza PlayStation 4 version owners: Upgrade to PlayStation 5 version for free just like a dragon. There are three versions of the purchase options: Standard, Hero Edition and Legendary Hero Edition.

Yakuza: Like a dragon on the PlayStation 5, all owners of this latest installment of the Yakuza series can download the Legends Costume Set DLC for free on all sites until April 2nd. The costume includes eight different player bands that pay homage to Yakuza fans ’favorite characters, including Koro Majima’s elegant tuxedo, Kasuma Kriu’s cool dress, Taiko Tojima’s street wear and more.

Subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese and Russian are included in the game, and are already included in a solid set of localization options, including a full English voice track (optional) and subtitles with the original Japanese track.

Yakuza: Xbox Series X | A Dragon is available on the S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Windows 10. Owners of the physical version of Yakuza: Like a Dragon on the PlayStation 4 you can upgrade to the PlayStation 5 for free, and owners can download the digital version to upgrade from the PlayStation Store to the PlayStation 5. Stored data will not be transferred from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5.

Yakuza: Like a dragon

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