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In version 7, the Nova launcher will be updated with many new features

In version 7, the Nova launcher will be updated with many new features

The scale of startups on Android should benefit from a mask soon. In version 7, the Nova launcher is more modern and will introduce some new features.

There is plenty Initiators – or Application Launchers – Allows customization of the computer interface. Among popular starters, Noah is definitely a benchmark. The latter has more than 50 million downloads, with over 1.2 million users giving it an average rating of 4.5 / 5.

Faced with this success, Noah Launcher The rich are trying to meet a greater number of needs. However, this means that it has grown significantly over the years. For this reason, the publisher has chosen to rewrite it completely in version 7.

According to Android Central These works were unveiled in Launcher 3, which means that the software interface is the default version of Android within AOSP. Boot 3 forms the basis of boot for smartphones especially in the pixel range. So this database needs to revive the Nova launcher, which until then was based on Launcher 2, which became obsolete two years ago.

Noah Launcher

What are the new features introduced?

Currently, beta can test the benefits of this work within the Nova Launcher Discord Channel.

Among the new features implemented in the Nova Launcher 7 beta, we notice an option with icon folders arranged in a circle and vertical scrolling of folder pages. Like the Action Launcher, the Charge version also lets you slide your finger down an icon and configure an action. For the same icon, you can configure two different actions, one by sliding your finger up and the other by sliding it down.

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The Nova Launcher 7 Beta introduces the ability to move the search bar to the bottom of the app drawer and additional options for windows. The interface can now detect the download of an APK file and suggest actions to be taken on it. Also note the possibility of disabling haptic comments from the bulletin board.

Nova Launcher 7 Beta fixes many bugs, but since it is still a trial version, it definitely introduces many more. The final version may not be ready for several months.

To test the Nova Launcher beta, go ahead Discord Team.

Noah Launcher

Noah Launcher