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Medium, l'anteprima -

Medium, l’anteprima –

We saw the Blooper team’s long-awaited Horror The Medium in action. Will there be fresh pearls like that?

A development committee is not necessary to select the path of gender expertise. It depends on a global success, or on the clear skills of those involved when engaging in very specific projects … The truth is, in an unpredictable and confusing world like video games, controlling oneself for one type of product is almost a goal, and very unfavorable. The first obstacle is meeting the expectations of the public, which expects immediate and sustainable evolution from teams dedicated to one genre; So undoubtedly the first trailer is a good sign Middle – The Blueper team’s new horror mission – gave the Polish software house (above all fear, spectator and Blair Witch layers) the appearance of owning a game with production values ​​(albeit mostly valid) over past works.

To date, we have not seen a single game that deserves the title, except for a few very useful trailers, so we are glad we were finally able to watch the game in action Digital event In the company of developers. Sure, there is no way to try it, but at least now we have an idea of ​​what the adventures of the middle offer are Marianne, And the true potential of the first horror of 2021.

A bad holiday

The Demo Showed by Developers a Old hotel The communist style is modeled on the Hotel Krakow, which is actually in the city of the same name. It is an imposing structure, especially suitable for embracing a terrible force, which goes well with the basic dynamics of the Bluper title, which is the ability to function in the real world and spiritually. This third person horror does not show permanently The spirit world Parallel to the “normal” view: the protagonist can actually activate “out-of-body mode” in certain situations, which leads to splitting of the screen, clearly showing the differences between Two dimensions.

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But be careful, because in the early stages Marion can not stay in spiritual form for very long, and if she is too far away from her body – something she is sure to encounter obstacles in the real world – she runs the risk of leaving her feathers. . It gives birth to some simple but interesting ones Puzzles To reactivate some doors requires restoring the power sources on the map (in the case of the blocked lift demo), and exploring the various areas with trickery and speed and then quietly retrieving them.

Let it be clear, the game is not always based on this duality. The revealed game is not particularly long or structured, but at least it confirms the existence of unlimited phases of Marion’s spiritual form far from the real body, or without the aforementioned screen section. The dynamics in these categories do not change much, although experience is enriched by the gruesome atmosphere of the spirit world, and the need to use some Special Powers Open areas that were initially inaccessible. More precisely, we have observed Marion’s ability to detect traces of energy – they help to recover basic objects in progress – and create a kind of glowing shield capable of removing moths that attack certain areas. However, these pedestals are not exclusively useful for solving puzzles …

Invisible terrorism

While the Bluepers have insisted that the medium is still a horror game, and wants to focus on atmospheric and psychological horror instead of cheap jumpscare, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any threats during the campaign, the skin is suddenly crawling. Strictly speaking, we have seen a terrifying act Shadow, Perfectly visible in the ghost world and apparent in the real one, which follows the protagonist in some segments of the adventure. While it is true that the use of a similar monstrosity on the one hand may seem like a banal device to intimidate the player, on the other hand, we must reconsider the division of game-based dimensions, which allowed the blueprints to significantly change the impact of encounters with this disgusting creature. Marianne’s spiritual form can actually exploit his power to eliminate the monster for a certain period of time, which is dangerous but clearly controlled in the spirit world; In the real world, however, the beast is obvious (as already mentioned), very difficult to notice and impossible to remove. So the moments when he decided to chase that girl were real Phase theft, It is necessary to use the surrounding environment to distract him and reach the safe area.

Medium 02

Overall? The atmosphere does not seem to be flawed, because the main enemy of the game is constantly talking and threatening Mariana (with Troy Baker’s voice, it seems), and not only does it make a great contribution to the repression of everything Art movement – Inspired by works Zdzislaw Beksinski, Considered the Polish kicker by many – but it is the exceptional modular soundtrack, Arkady Reikhovsky And from myth Akira Yamoka (Yes, it’s Silent Hill). Finally, it doesn’t help even a little bit Department of Technology, Which seemed to be a respectable and a significant improvement over other topics in the house, not to mention that the developers mentioned that what is seen in the demo is only a small part of the game, and beyond that to the hotel where there are other areas that can be explored, but the various abilities of the protagonist make little difference to the game.

The middle left us with a good impression. It is clear from the outset that it is the most ambitious and technologically advanced project created by the Bluper team, and its consistent, antique adventure speed is the perfect foundation for the game’s creepy atmospheres and spirit-world variations on the game. . It’s very quick to break the balance, but if the atmosphere is at this level throughout the campaign and the storyline is equal, we can have a truly memorable horror adventure in our hands.


  • There is more atmosphere than that
  • Ost potentially memorable
  • Apparently well-structured puzzles


  • The campaign is valid and yet to be proven