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Microsoft Machine Learning – NERD 4. Life basically operates on a rendering and advanced system

Microsoft is working on a new computer Rendering and overhead To the Xbox Series X E S, basically Mechanical learning. Everything goes through its DirectML API (a DirectX12 library designed for machine learning), which is key to improving performance on its consoles and ensuring its technological superiority over competition.

The solutions already proposed by Epic, Nvidia and AMD show that advanced advanced technology is one of the keys to enhancement. Graphic quality You do not always have to rely on new hardware to see progress in this matter without affecting performance.

For this reason, Microsoft hires engineers with knowledge of computer graphics and machine learning to explore ways to improve traditional rendering tubes using neural networks and other reconstruction methods. Top candidates should have at least five years of experience in software development and graphics, machine learning or knowledge related to data science.

Of course, it is not possible to see definitive results at any time. More realistically, something will appear in a couple of years. Let’s see what this is and what improvements it will bring.

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