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Drop everything and download: Crimespotter »subject

Drop everything and download: Crimespotter »subject

South Africa faces big L: lockdown and loadshedding. Both mean that people need to be more vigilant about safety at home and in safety. Criminals thrive in extra circumstances for themselves, which is why this new South African security app, Crimespotter, is the perfect companion for everyone.

“Citizens of a country are becoming more aware of the consequences of crime and need to be more directly involved in reporting and discussing crime. Many more needs to be done to intensify the fight against crime by using what is available today to improve communication and information gathering.” Crimespotter website.

You may even be a crimespoter

Crimespotter is a crime reporting and warning app – and it grows in an environment where everyone in a community uses it. Because it uses social data. Individuals using the app can record incidents and involve the relevant authorities.

“For example, most property crimes can be prevented by taking simple steps, such as locking doors and removing valuables from the naked eye. If you know that these types of crimes are reported in your neighborhood, you may be better prepared to protect your property, ”the website details.

It is important to note that recording a crime in use is not a substitute for an official police report – be sure to go and register one of them if the situation requires it. But the information gathered in the CrimeSpotter application is very important to track down criminals with the help of community police forums (CPFs), security agencies and the police.

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This data can be used to prevent future crimes by identifying hotspots and ensuring that increased security measures are put in place.

In use, users can search for crimes in an area and they will pop up like needles on a map or in chronological form. The best part? All of this information is public domain – because everyone has the right to know what is going on in our community. Even if it’s a bad thing. To protect privacy, no personal information is included in the incidents mapped by this service.

Crimespotter is available for download iOS, Huawei And Android In the respective stores. Doing your part has never been easier, has it?