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Improved quick resume, versatile sharing button ... Microsoft enhances its consoles

Improved quick resume, versatile sharing button … Microsoft enhances its consoles

The interface of the Xbox consoles continues to benefit from updates to enhance the players’ experience. March ones with upgrades in functionality, audio or share button on the latest controller on the Xbox Series X⎮S and Xbox One.

Xbox Series S

Xbox Series S and its controller // Source: Unsplash Kamil S.

Updated after testing the firmware stages of the Xbox consoles Those who are inside. This month, in addition to upgrades to the Quick Resume feature and the Xbox Share button and Audio Assistant, three major changes await players.

New evolution for Quick Resume

Quick Resume is one of the key functions of the Xbox Series X⎮S interface. Very practical, it allows you to switch from one game (or utility) to another, leaving your game hanging in the same place.

The new version of Quick Resume now benefits from the pinning process: allowing the player to pin two games in his Quick Resume menu. The latter game can only be removed manually or the forced update must be restarted.

Back feature on quick resume

Back Feature in Quick Resume // Source: Xbox

In the Quick Resume menu, select the game you want to play. By pressing the menu key, you can select the questionable option. If both games are already done then you need to select a title to replace.

This change will only come on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and Quick Resume will not be available on the Xbox One.

The share button is versatile

Not everyone needs to take a screenshot or a one-click video, which is the only function of the share button. Based on this observation, Xbox has decided to bring more flexibility in the share button. So, the player can now reassign the customized action, such as turning off the TV’s sound, showing a list of friends or achievements. Accessibility features can also be integrated with this shortcut.

The Elite Series 2 controller and Xbox Adaptive controller are entitled to additional functions, which can be found in the Xbox Accessories application for download on the PC from the Microsoft Store.

Additionally, all Xbox controllers (One, Elite Series 2, Adaptive), whether used on console or PC, receive a firmware update to improve performance with better Bluetooth support.

New audio setup wizard

A new audio setup guide has been developed to select the best audio format for the player’s hardware and preferences. It is in the settings. This will allow you to test and test your HDMI audio format to better configure settings.

Selection of format in the audio guide

Audio Assistant Format Selection // Source: Xbox

This allows you to reap the benefits of your installation, whether you use your own TV speakers, Bluetooth speaker, sound bar or chain.

This update is now available and will be installed automatically on your Xbox console.

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