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Blender 3.1.0 |  Download Texpot

Blender 3.1.0 | Download Texpot

Blender is open source software for 3D modeling, rendering, animation, post production, interactive creation and playback. Available for Windows, Linux, Irix, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD or Mac OS X.


  • Range of 3D object types including polygonal meshes, NURBS surfaces, Bézier and B-spline curves, metaphors, vector fonts (TrueType, PostScript, OpenType)
  • catmull-clark ‘Smooth proxy’ style subsection surfaces
  • Mesh Boolean functions
  • Editing operations such as extruder, bevel, cut, rotate, screw, warp, subdivide, noise, smooth smooth editing tools for organic modeling
  • Access to Python scripts for custom tools

Motion picture

  • Armature deformation (skeleton) with forward / reverse dynamics, interactive 3D painting for automatic skinning and vertex weighting
  • Non-linear animation combination with automatic gait rotations on the tracks
  • System of controls
  • Vertex keyframe for morphing with control sliders
  • Character Animation Pose Editor
  • Animated Network Deformation
  • The ‘iPo’ system includes both motion curve and traditional keyframe editing
  • Audio playback, mixing and editing support for sound synchronization
  • Access to Python scripts for custom animations and process effects

3D creation / real-time gaming

  • Graphical editor to define interactive behavior without programming
  • Conflict detection and dynamic simulation
  • Sophisticated control and Python scripting API for AI, fully defined advanced game logic
  • Supports all OpenGL ட்டிங் lighting systems, including transparency, animation and reflection system
  • Play games and interactive 3D content without compiling or pre-processing
  • Uses audio, fmod toolkit
  • Multi-layer displays for overlay interfaces


  • Very fast built-in racer
  • Full support for the popular Yafre rendering engine
  • Over Sampling, Motion Blur, Post Product Effects, Fields, Non-Square Pixels
  • Environmental maps, hollows, lens flares, fog
  • Various surface shades such as Lambert, Phong, Oren-nayar, Blinn, Toon
  • Edge rendering for toon shading
  • Practical structures
  • Environmental disturbance
  • Radioactive solution
  • Export scripts for external renders like Renderman (RIB), Povray, Virtualight
  • UV system editor with different mesh expansion modes


  • Flexible layout of user configurable windows
  • Powerful object-oriented data system
  • Alternative fonts with international translation support
  • Windows for animated curves / keys, definite visual mapping, non-linear video editing, text animation actions editor, non-linear animation composition, editing images / UV, file / image selection and file management
  • Built-in text editor for editing annotations and Python scripts
  • Fixed interface on multiple platforms
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  • Save all visual data to a single .blend file
  • The .blend format supports abstract, digital signatures, encryption, forward / backward compatibility and can be used as a library to link to other .blend files.
  • Read / write TGA, JPG, PNG, Iris, SGI Movie, IFF, AVI and Quicktime GIF, TIFF, PSD, MOV (Windows and Mac OS X)
  • Own import and export of DXF, Inventor and VRML files, Python scripts for many 3D formats
  • Create standalone executables with interactive 3D content or run them with the 3D Web Browser Plugin

Fire and smoke

Fire simulation is included in the Smoke Simulator. The domain has received major updates to improve performance and usability. Without the need for a particle structure, smoke can be expelled from the mesh surface. A flue gas field is included to enhance interactions with other simulations. It is possible to simulate and mix colored smoke, and the contact of the smoke with the collision material is improved.

Mesh modeling

The bevel tool now includes rounding and otherwise much improved, creating a better topography while preserving the requested bevel width more evenly. A new symmetry tool has been added to make mesh geometry and data symmetric.

More features

New features include: a tool for transferring peak weights from one loop to another, transitional window drawing, proportional editing attached to a UV editor, DPX file upgrade and write, more control over curved tape, collision masks on the gaming machine, and enhanced drawing camera caption protection.

Rotation rendering

Support for writing custom shaders in Open Shading language is now available. Added motion blur rendering to blur moving objects and cameras. There is also anisotropic shading node, and the BSDF nodes can now have different properties, which can be set up using the new pump and normal mapping nodes.


The decimator is rewritten, now protects UV and vertex colors, has a split mode and a vertical dissolving mode to create n-gon planes. A new Laplacean Smooth Converter can reduce noise or soften the mesh while preserving edges and size. A triangular converter is also included, which can be useful for creating game elements with cooked casual maps.

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Improved bridge tool for simultaneous bridging, subdivision, surface merging and face bridging of multiple loops. The new Grid Fill Tool completes a phase from Edge Loops, X-Mirror and Project Proportional Editing, Snap to Symmetric, Face Split Option Face Split, Cut Vertex Connection.

Rotation rendering

Rendering performance on both CPU and GPU has been improved and support for newer GPUs has been added. The new haze render pass is available, now all light sources have radiation visibility supported, and new nodes have been added. Hair rendering is also enabled on the GPU.

Motion monitoring

Some new features for motion tracking and minor improvements have been made to existing ones. Key Features The marker position refinement allows you to change the position of the marker well after it has been stuffed with an object, and the Auto Keyframe option that automatically tries to find the best key frame for reconstruction.


Smoke rendering improves quality, avoids volumes and supports subframe simulation to handle fast moving emitters. Particles can now be emitted from faces created by modifiers that are not in the original mesh.


Improved weight painting tools, mask converter for sequencer bands, 2D image sketch compatible with 3D sketch, excellent display of keyboard shortcuts, quick on and off multiple layers or visibility, auto-indent for Python statement multi-lines.

Python Security

Autorun Python scripts can now be controlled more securely.

The most anticipated new features for bicycle renderer include warp motion blur, fire / smoke and volume rendering and packing API. The UI now allows drag-and-drop popups and resizable preview widgets. There are new interpolation types in animation with “equation easing” presets. Modeling now allows for “split normals” and sculpture / painting has the new HSL color wheel and dyntopo standard detail. Game Development now allows you to disable logic bricks, multi-threaded animations, broadcast-only products, and “unlimited” action layers. Freestyle NPR Render features new hard strokes feature and line sorting options.

What’s new:

  • VSE: Encode audio after finishing video export. [rB85c08c9717b]
  • FFMPEG: FFMPEG_USE_DURATION_WORKAROUND Stable building with older versions required. [rB7ec351c0d53]
  • VSE: Fixed a “one off” bug when encrypting audio. [rB9511009438d]
  • VSE: Fixed memory leak when adding invalid images / video strips. [rB54a821e8fd7]
  • VSE: Standard video piece duration calculation. [rBd486d248687]
  • VSE: Solving research problems. [rB00dd68405d8]
  • VSE: Ffmpeg files are not playing properly with Fixed Adobe Space Start Offset. [rB489df7ac88c]
  • VSE: Use lines to draw a waveform. [rBc634d859b21]
  • M2T video search blocked. [T87967]
  • Adds NULL common sense tests when loading audio clips. [rB1a4122d4415]
  • Incorrect address for retrieving boost libraries at /build_files/build_environment/ [T90719]
  • The effect strip added to the built-in metastrip gets a duplicate name (thus getting fcurves from other strips). [T90737]
  • Memory margin geometry and compression wrap ends. [T89429]
  • Fixed: 32-bit DNA structure alignment. [rB9fb9bf59967]
  • Magestna: Detection of 32-bit dump issues. [rB70df9119f46]
  • FTBFS is standard on the mips64el configuration. [rB9d94b358ca1]
  • Memory leak was fixed by building springs on the cloth simulator. [rB20f04ce62af]
  • The blade project will leak memory whenever a text, curve, or surface object is used for cutting. [T90791]
  • Changes in the grease pencil layer are ignored by the selection tool. [T90690]
  • Fixed memory leak in degraded edit-mesh solution. [rBe1e2abd4bf0]
  • The fit to scale goes up to the second line. [T89241]
  • Memory leak / shadow transition after importing the sample workspace. [T88033]
  • Asan: Attempting to cancel the blade project function fails to use the pile after freeing. [T90493]
  • Blender 2.93.1 Python failed to build with 3.10.0b4 (Python 3.10 coming soon). [T89931]
  • Incorrect vector projection result (Geometry Notes -> Attribute Vector Mathematics). [T90567]
  • Grease pencil reproject strokes, in the view of the camera, misalign the strokes on the rear faces when cutting the canvas object. [T89101]
  • Anything in Blender can create incorrect values ​​(Nan) on UVMaps. [T79775]
  • Blender crashes when opening the file. [T89805]
  • The bpy.types.Object.parent_bone configuration will not be reset when the parent is deleted. [T88498]
  • UI errors in NLA editor and action editor. [T87681]
  • Animated channel widgets (Chart, Action, NLA, * topsheet *) will block the entry for the search channel and change the search. [T90364]
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