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Important reflection of the Rockstar founder

Important reflection of the Rockstar founder

In the interview given Jamie King The former Rockstar Games executive discussed the future of the Grand Theft Auto series with the curators of Killas’ YouTube channel. GDA6, Argued that the next episode of Blockbuster Open World will be very different from the previous ones.

For Killas’s microphones, a former member of the board that founded Rockstar Games exposed his views on GTA 6 and the rumors surrounding its development.

In reconnecting discussions initiated by the community about the possibility Softening Rockstar’s satirical tones with the GTA trilogy, The king openly admitted it “I would not be surprised to see a change in the tone of the series. Maybe GTA 6 will not be as ‘rough’ or fun as the previous episodes. Accept soft tones, Although they never did. Or did I do something wrong? “.

The former Rockstar executive reaffirmed this view, revealing the merits of the management changes that have taken place at Big R over the past few years. “They have an amazing car and they have to try hard to push it to the maximum, but I think it’s okay to look at the success of GTA 5, GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2. You feel a lack of personality Leslie Benzis and Dan Hauser. Yes, from this perspective Of course there will be differences Compared to the past “.

Do you have the same concern as Jamie King about the future of Grand Theft Auto and the mature tones of GTA6? Before leaving you for comments, we look forward to seeing you at our latest specials Forgotten games of Grand Theft Auto waiting for GTA 6.

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