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Iliad, Flash has lost 120 population but older customers are out

Iliad, Flash has lost 120 population but older customers are out

An important offer offered by Iliad. The Flash 120 guarantees almost unlimited browsing but not for older customers.

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A bad joke, even if it is taken into account. Phone offers, now, gamble their credibility on what they can guarantee in terms of web browsing, Iliad represents the best. French virtual operator It has been based on its advertisements for some time, almost exclusively based on the provision of the Internet Giga. Think of the latest offer, the Flash 120: the same number as the Giga offered at 99 9.99 per month.

An opportunity without a doubt. Iliad appears in August and, in fact, wants to beat the operator. Other history suppliers, from Tim to Vodafone and Windrey, have tried to adapt to this system, at least in terms of gigabytes.

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Iliad, unresolved knot: customer resistance

Everything would be beautiful if not Iliad’s atavistic problem. The fee is greedy for new customers, but more for grapes for older ones. The problem is simple and insurmountable: the French operator has not already opened this offer to customers who are already under another ad. basically, Service cannot be changed during the race And you should keep your old rate even if it is less favorable. Elliott is an ancestral defect, however, and its effects continue to be felt.

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The provider knows this but, at least for now, does not seem ready to change course. The first activated rechargeable type of bond is attached to the Iliad. For example, if a customer subscribes to the old Giga 50, even if it is convenient It will still be dry mouth Regarding the possibility of expanding navigation on the shore much more beneficial than Flash 120. Unresolved knot, with the only effective comb of the new network. That is, close the contract, open a new SIM (with a new phone number) and equip yourself with the new offer. Double-edged sword.

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