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Here’s how to upload photos on Instagram

You do not need to take screenshots to save Instagram photos! As recalled recently Mashable, You can download the content directly on your smartphone. This trick can be very practical when keeping a memory in memory or storing your new wallpaper while hanging out on a popular social network. We will explain step by step how to save and download photos (yours and others’ photos) posted on Instagram.

How to save photos you post to your Instagram account

It’s very easy to save the photos you captured, edited, and then posted on your phone to your Instagram account.

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile by tapping the icon at the bottom right of your screen (in the form of a person or in your profile picture, depending on the version of the app you have).
  2. On your own profile page, tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) located in the upper right.
  3. Once the menu appears, tap on “Original Photos” (for iOS devices) or “Original Messages” (for Android users), then “Settings”, then click on the “Account” option.
  4. The app offers the option to automatically save your Instagram pictures to your phone when you post them. To do this, enable the “Copy original photos” option.

How to save other users’ Instagram photos

Here are the steps to save other users’ Instagram photos (if they have a public account or if you follow them) in the personal area of ​​your app. You can consult with them anytime.

  1. Tap the bookmark icon at the bottom of a post to save the post to your personal storage area.
  2. If you want to save it to a specific package, long press the bookmark icon: it will bring up folders you have already created. You can save the output in the package you want or create a new one.
  3. To view the photos and videos you have saved, go to your profile by tapping the icon at the bottom right of your screen. Go to the menu (by clicking on three horizontal lines) and then click on “Records”.
  4. You will see all the content that you have bookmarked. For your information, other Instagram users may not know that you have backed up their content.
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How To Download Instagram Photos Using Your Computer

Instagram does not allow you to upload photos of other users on your phone or computer. However, there is a (simple) solution that will allow you to do this on your computer.

  1. To upload any photo to Instagram, open the image in a new tab in your browser. To do this, click on the three dots at the top right of the output, then click “Go to output”.
  2. Once in the image, right-click on it and select “Show Page Source Code”.
  3. Scroll through the folders titled “Images” and then find the photo you want to upload.
  4. Right-click to open the image in the new tab, then right-click on the image to download it. And here it is!