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Maria Laura de Vides downloads Paulo Procio for rapper Lolo G

Maria Laura de Vides downloads Paulo Procio for rapper Lolo G

Maria Laura downloads Pavlo Procio for DVD rapper Lallo G.. After all, no one believes in a love story Maria Laura From Veetis Former journalist of TG4 and former actors of the famous island with VIP. The paparazzi, TV commentators and web people have been accused and attacked for their fake love affair, which only aired on Barbara de Arzo’s television stations, where Maria Laura, a 64-year-old journalist, writer and TV presenter, was greeted. Paulo Procio To be engaged to a 21-year-old Lorenzo Arcini, Or Lolo G.

Maria Laura de Vides and Palo Procio – Photo: Instagram

In fact, Maria Laura revealed herself to Diva and Donna, the stage name of twenty-one-year-old Lorenzo Arcini, the new companion of rapper Lolo G. The relationship was born out of the compilation of the new music video for the singer “Voglia de Te”, in which de Vaidis was the protagonist. After work, the prospective couple went to dinner with the group, then decided to continue dating and gave birth to love.

Paulo Procio is not so happy with the new romantic relationship (this time it is real and not in the media), so that he may not meet the new couple, he may have decided not to attend an event that he has been to so often in the past. Former journalist and Giffino VIP were invited to the “Whip Master” contest as Maria Laura’s friend, but then he would have a second thought. Laura de Vides to the press – but we split up, I’m free. But I’m sorry we could not be friends as I wished.

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Now that the media tease is over, influence and fashion model Maria Laura de Vides has revealed her new boyfriend is rapper Lolo G.