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An evil new way to steal your account

An evil new way to steal your account

Hackers have no hunger for ideas to steal your personal data. In the UK, a method of stealing your WhatsApp account is currently wreaking havoc, for good reason, which is especially well thought out.

As what? And its French equivalent, the Consumer Assistance Platform What UFC to choose, A new method of data theft is spreading across the channel May soon be used in France.

You get a real message first Share Gives you one 6 digit code Allows recovery of an account. Then, one of your relatives asks you if you sent this code incorrectly. It reveals everything. Because it is not your friend or uncle who is sending you the message, but the fraudsters who have already hacked his account. If you contact this code, they will seize your account and no longer have access to it.

It is better to implement the option as the UFC will remind you what to choose Two-step verification Is provided by email and can be implemented in systems to protect against such attacks.

For its part, Facebook is usually subject to malicious actions. A few weeks ago, almost 533 million accounts dont 20 million in France Personal data is subject to leak. Data from several French ministers and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been published on the Internet.

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