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ihattaren agente juventus

Ihotren unloads Riola: What changes in Juventus

Important news from Mohammed Ihatron, Belongs to the attacking midfielder Juventus, But officially in debt Samptoria. After losing track of himself, the 2002 Dutch class reappeared on Instagram: he is training Utrecht With personal trainer, but no intention of returning to Italy. However, according to journalist Nicola Polis, he will not deal with his future Mino Riola, Who is the director of the movement with Zhou.

Juventus: Ihattaren Transformation Agent and… Team

In fact, Ihattaren decided to leave Riola to join Ali Dursun’s barn. For handover, however, will have to wait until January. Later, the Dutchman’s new agent will talk to Juventus and Zamboria and find a solution. Of course, the boy will leave Samperia, and the older woman will be able to lend another young player, while Ihodren will return to play in the Dutch league, a formula to be determined. We recall that Juventus management spent 1.9 million plus 2 bonuses over the summer for his card.

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