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"I played on the Xbox Series S thinking it was Series X," said producer - Nerdu 4. Life

“I played on the Xbox Series S thinking it was Series X,” said producer – Nerdu 4. Life

In a recent interview with producer Jacek Jiaba Middle On the Blooper team, he talked about the quality of the game, mainly focusing on the results they were able to get Xbox Series S. The small console from Microsoft is a successful version that weighs in giaba Version for Series X.“.

A few days after its release, the PC and Xbox Series S | We remind you that the X will be available in the medium from January 28th, and with the Xbox Game Pass, the Bluper team releases some Interviews 2021 will be the first big game.

We also interviewed Wojciech Baizko and Jacek Jiaba. During the interview, the two spent their time saying how remarkable the console version of The Media is, especially the Xbox Series S version.

A week ago I played the whole game on a Series S because I thought I was playing on an Xbox Series X“, Ziba said.”At that point someone said to me “Look, this is Series S.” I said: “What! Fantastic, wonderful.” Of course, you know, 4K will not be because the Series S does not support 4K, of course it will be slightly different than the Series X because the X is twice as powerful, but the overall experience and fun of the game They are all one. I own the Xbox S series and can’t wait to play medium at my home“.

Both of these games may run on older hardware, but will ruin the experience without major cuts. For this report Wojciech Byzko He added: “The graphics are even better because the game has a very fantastic style and I like its artistic movement. It runs at low resolution, but it still has the same excellent experience“.

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If you want to start immersing yourself in the gaming atmosphere, this game video shows the first 18 minutes of Xbox Medium on Xbox Series.