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Firefox 85 (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android): New Features, Download

Firefox 85 (Mac, Linux, Windows, Android): New Features, Download

The new standard version of Firefox is born on Tuesday, January 26th. Version 85 comes with your laptop or desktop. What’s new?

Firefox 85: What’s New

In development From November Finally, the Version standard 85D Firefox Released on January 26, 2021, it brings the following new features:

- Flash plugin and its permanent removal;

- A new function dedicated to security “Network sharing“, Which will share instead of sharing network resources Minimize the risk of tracking between websites : Performance gains are expected on all operating systems;

- Password Manager now lets you Permanently delete all markers Saved with a single “click”;

What’s new in Firefox 85 for Android?

The Version Android de Firefox 85 Not this week either, and it will facilitateInstalling extensions on the mobile version Of the browser. Extensions can be downloaded directly from Firefox for Android via

How to download Firefox 85?

To download Firefox for free, go to This page Choose your operating system and desired version. Firefox 85 is available in French for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Update is automatic for Windows and MacOS. It must be installed manually on Linux. The ftp server Mozilla is already up to date.

Where can I find Firefox 85 for Android?

Firefox for Android is available for free Google Play Store For Android or from the address For those who do not use Google services, the installation file (APK) is available Mozilla Servers.