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How To Show Your Health Account Quickly?

How To Show Your Health Account Quickly?

The latest update to TousAntiCovid includes a new functionality that allows you to deliver your QR code without having to go through the application.

The TousAntiCovid application received a new update on August 9 aimed at making life easier for users. This allows you to define a pass as “Favorite”. Also thanks for activating the time saving “widget”. This new functionality allows you to display the QR code directly on the screen of your smartphone, without having to go through the app.

To do this, select your preferred QR code by clicking on the small heart and define it as your favorite. Easy to access, especially if you have different codes after multiple tests, for example.

Activate the widget

To activate the widget on Android, press a few seconds on the home screen of your smartphone. At the bottom of the screen a proposal called “Widgets” appears. Then you have to scroll until you find the widgets associated with TousAntiCovid, then select the one with the QR code and it will be displayed directly on the screen.

A QR code on the Apple Watch.
A QR code on the Apple Watch. F BFMTV

In iOS, the process is the same, only the “widget” reference is different, which is replaced by a simple “+”. The app offers to display its QR code on the Apple Watch. Check “Show app on Apple Watch” on the Apple Watch processor on the iPhone.

On a smartphone, the widget takes up more space, even though the time savings are significant. It is possible to remove it: you have to hold down for a few seconds and then select “Remove”.

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Finally, remember that sharing your QR code on social networks puts you at risk for theft, so it is not recommended.