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How to save webp image instantly in jpg

How to save webp image instantly in jpg

Learn some tips for downloading WebP image in JPG or PNG format.

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Some tools allow you to instantly save an image in the format you want. © Aleksei –

What is a WebP Format?

The most widely used WebP image format on the Internet was developed and launched by Google in 2010. It aims to convert JPG, PNG or GIF file formats and provide seamless or seamless compression in order to significantly reduce the weight of image files. Therefore, the lost compression in WebP format gives an image 26% lighter than a PNG image and 25 to 34% for a display in JPG format. Google’s goal: to make web pages faster. WebP format is especially supported by web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Conclusion: When the original file is in .jpg or .png format, it is very common to see Google forcing the image to be downloaded in WebP format. On the other hand, this format is not compatible or usable with some tools or professional software.

How To Easily Download WebP Image In Another Format In Google Chrome

There are many ways to download an image in WebP format.

Select the extension

Google Chrome has many useful extensions. Among them, Save image typePlugin that allows you to save image in JPG, PNG or WebP format. Its application is very simple:

  • In the Chrome Web Store, select Add to Chrome,
  • This extension will be installed immediately on the web browser.
  • Right-click on the image,
  • Click the option Save image type Appear,
  • Choose the format in which you want to save the image,
  • Name and save the image.
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Save image type
© Save image type

Note that this extension is also available on Microsoft Edge.

Use the screen capture tool

Screen capture tools allow you to download WebP images in a different format. This is especially true for the tool Screenshot Owns Windows, but also for applications like this Greenshot (Can be installed on your computer and activated at the click of a button Print screen) Upload a WebP image in JPG or PNG format with the screen capture tool:

  • Open image in fullscreen,
  • Turn on your screen capture tool,
  • Select full image,
  • In the window that opens when you want to save your capture, click Type,
  • Select the desired design.

Finally, you can use File Converter to convert webp files you have already saved to JPG images.