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How to replace Srivastava with Google Assistant?

How to replace Srivastava with Google Assistant?

IOS does not allow the use of voice assistant on its own, except by default integrated minor. Google’s voice assistant, which has a special application on iOS, cannot be used with a simple voice command, unlike Siri. If Siri responds after a simple “Hey Siri”, you can not officially enable Google Assistant by voice using “OK Google” like Android.

However, there is a solution, very simple to set up, and Google Assistant will answer you when you call it.

1. Download Google Assistant

If you do not already have one, download and install Google Assistant on your iPhone. Open the app and make sure your Google Account is properly signed in to use it.

Download Google Assistant for iPhone (Free)

2. Download shortcuts

To replace Siri with Google Assistant, you need Apple’s shortcut application. With this, you can create a very simple script that launches Google Assistant after Siri’s request.

Download Shortcuts for iPhone (Free)

3. Create the script

Now open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap the + button on the top right to create a new script. Then press Add action And search Google Assistant in the field provided. Press Assistant In the Applications section, select the action Hey Google.

Now press the button As followsGive your shortcut a name, for example Google Check your shortcut by clicking OK OK.

4. Use Google Assistant instead of Sree

If you are configured to enable Apple’s voice assistant, launch Sri using the “Hey Siri” or the iPhone ‘s side button and say “OK Google”.

If everything goes according to plan, Sri should automatically ask you to tell Google what you want to hear. After you say your query, Google Assistant will open the end of your query.

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