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Honey's Mikasa's Cosplay is Hard - Nert 4.Life

Honey’s Mikasa’s Cosplay is Hard – Nert 4.Life

Let’s go back to the parts of Attack of the Giants With another cosplay Dedicated Mikasa Ackerman, Is explained in this case Honeyem With a really significant reconstruction of the character, with great care in the construction of the costume.

In addition to being a great choice for used costumes, very similar to the manga / anime character, Honey’s Gospel represents an excellent Reconstruction of equipment The Renaissance is common to the military and generally to those fighting against the Giants.

The Three-dimensional maneuver device, In contrast to what usually happens in most gossip, from the blades to the gas propulsion system at least in terms of the combination of its various parts, it is recreated here in a very realistic way.

However, differently, individual physical characteristics cosplayer Questionably, her descriptions stand out in a certain way, preferring here to retain a significant authenticity to the original character, choosing the real hard and clean cosplayer and proving how Honeym is a professional in this field.

If you are looking for other Cosplay inspirations include Dolores from Lada Liumos from the West World, Jenica Nigri from Demon Slayer, InnoSuk from Final Fantasy 15, C in Cindy and Lady Dimitroville from Heli Valentine.

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