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How to rename windows in Google Chrome?

How to rename windows in Google Chrome?

After a quick update to version 89 of Chrome after finding two zero day bugs, Google was finally able to use update 90 in its Chrome browser a few days ago. Among the new features introduced in this new version, the ability to rename the different browser windows you open should prove to be very practical on a daily basis.

This is because this function allows you to organize your windows according to your tasks, for example, rather than displaying the name of the active tab. You can open two separate window panes, one on your two task tabs and the other on your personal tabs. These two windows are easily recognizable when you switch from one application to another using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Tab.

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1. Update Chrome

If you do not already have one, please update your Chrome browser to version 90. To do this, click the main menu and navigate Assistant, And click About Chrome. The browser should automatically check and download before asking you to restart the latest browser update.

You can manually download and install Chrome 90 on your computer.

Download Google Chrome for Windows (Free)
Download 64-bit Google Chrome for Windows (Free)
Download Google Chrome for MacOS (Free)
Download Google Chrome for Mac with M1 Processor (Free)
Download Google Chrome for Linux (Free)

2. Rename your window

To rename your first window where your different tabs are open, click the main Chrome menu indicated by three small dots, and then More tools, Click Name the window.

In the pop-up window, enter the name you want to give and check by clicking OK.

Repeat the process for each open window you want to easily identify.

3. Go between your windows

Now when going between your windows using the shortcut Alt + tab Or by moving the Chrome icon from the taskbar in Windows, the various Chrome windows you open will be identified by the name you gave them.

Similarly in MacOS, right-clicking on the dock Chrome icon will allow you to select the window to display on the screen.

To remove the name of a window, the function is similar. Click on Chrome’s main menu and go to the menu More tools Click Name the window. All you have to do is remove the name and click OK Remove it.

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