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Microsoft is working on 4 new programs, a Dragon and a Spiral – Nert 4. Life

In a recent Windows Central podcast, Miles Tombier was involved in several rumors about what was brewing in the pot. Xbox Global Publishing From Microsoft. According to Tombier, the Redmond agent works well 4 new games 3 of them will be new IPs and the fourth is a rotation of an existing series. But not only that, the Xbox community has already begun to anticipate these plans in recent days Drago And a Spiral.

Go and realize what Miles Dombier He says go for 12:35 minutes This YouTube video.

Since the purse strings opened, Microsoft has not only been at the center of many rumors, but no project seems too ambitious for its treasures. According to the boys Windows Central Redmond’s Colon, thank you Creation and expansion of the Xbox Global Publishing division, Will soon offer 4 new large-scale projects. These are 3 new IPs and one spin-off. This will again be – according to Dombier – a separate chapter, regardless of the deal with Kojima.

Two of these games already exist ‘Published‘Via Community: Dragon, posted on Twitter, is, according to many, relaunching the painful project Scalebound, which was created with platinum games. Vortex, on the other hand, will be a multiplayer game in development in a studio that has never been a multiplayer hub. It will not be a sniper or MMO, but “something never tried before”.

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