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How to Modify Your Nintendo Switch Controller

How to Modify Your Nintendo Switch Controller

If you want to change the button configuration on your Joy-Con controller, here’s how.

Nintendo Switch Console with Yellow Background

One thing that was very missing when the Nintendo Switch was launched was the ability to change their Joy-Con button settings.

This may prevent some players from using their games too much. An update in early 2020 fixed this oversight, and now everyone can adjust their bat settings whenever they want.

This article is going to take you through the step-by-step process of renaming your Nintendo Switch controllers.

Why rename your controller?

Nintendo Switch Remap Joy-Con Screen

You turn your Nintendo Switch controller into a computer level, so whether you browse the store or play a game, you know what each button is. This is a customized option that may work for you in any situation.

This does not only apply to Joy-Cons. If you have a Pro controller, you can revisit it to meet your needs and the layouts you used. Anyone who plays primarily on the PlayStation or Xbox can find switching the A and B buttons to prevent accidental button presses.

If you’re changing your Joy-con layout to make some topics easier, it’s worth checking out some of the best local multiplayer games on the Nintendo Switch to see if it gives the edge to friends and family.


Who benefits from Button Remapping?

Custom painted Nintendo Switch delight

Anyone can use this option, but it is also very useful for gamers with motor issues or those who have difficulty reaching a particular button.

If you have trouble pressing the shoulder buttons for any reason, changing this to one of the face buttons may make some topics a little more accessible.

If you can’t reach the capture button, changing this makes it easy to snap or record awesome moments.

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You can save multiple control profiles, so you can change the layout you want based on the different games you play. This also means that each member of the family can create different layouts for their own needs or preferences.

Nintendo Switch Controllers and Sensors menu

The Controllers and sensors The menu contains everything you need to change your pad settings. To achieve that, you must follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Home button” to reach the main menu of your console.

  2. Head System settings Logo in the bottom bar.

  3. Scroll down Controllers and sensors.

How to Modify Your Nintendo Switch Controller

You may find the option to rename your Joy-Con Controllers and sensors Menu, with many options that allow you to adjust various features of your controller. If you want to enable or disable vibrations or upgrade your controller’s firmware, here it is.

Redesigned Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller
  1. Go inside Change controller grip / order, And select the pad (Joy-Con L, Joy-Con r, Or Pro controller) You want to use it by pressing the “L” + “R” buttons together, then confirm with “A”.

  2. From here, select Change button mapping, And you can edit how each button works on the left and right joy-cons and pro controller.

  3. When you redesign the buttons, you will see a screen indicating what each button represents. In the example above, we changed the functions of the “ZL” and left-clicked, and changed the functions of the “L” and “Capture” buttons.

  4. When done, it will reflect your changes Button mapping List. You can save your settings to one of five presets.

Your Joy-Con is now ready to use with your game or app option.

How to change control profiles

If you have multiple profiles stored, you may switch between them for a variety of reasons.

Control profile switch menu on Nintendo Switch

To change which profile your controller uses, follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Home button” to reach the main menu of your console.

  2. Head System settings Logo in the bottom bar.

  3. Scroll down Controllers and sensors.

  4. Select Button mapping.

  5. Choose Load preset.

Here, select the profile you prefer with the controller you want to use and confirm.

Your new control systems are ready to use

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console for families, with games for both children and adults to enjoy. Although the console does not currently have a large number of access options, this change seems to be a positive step in the right direction.

Other simple changes, such as the ability to switch between light and dark modes, show that Nintendo is aware that different users have different needs, and can be seen making an effort to make games more accessible to all users.

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