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Nintendo deletes various audio recordings from YouTube, with fans retaliating on Twitter

Nintendo deletes various audio recordings from YouTube, with fans retaliating on Twitter

Whether it’s fan games, YouTube videos or anything else that could damage its IP, Nintendo is often relentless on copyright issues. The company has now decided to block the whole thing The Legend of Zelda: Occarina of Time In addition to other Nintendo audio recordings from its game library, audio recording from YouTube. It happened on December 8 with YouTube Kilvasannar Nintendo reportedly blocked various of its videos. Gilwasner is a video game recordist and has not monetized any of his videos to avoid this kind of situation.

If you are like me, you can enjoy listening to music from your favorite games while working on something. And so on Description of Zelda Fans have decided to have a little fun with Big N on Twitter. Nintendo occasionally tries to encourage engagement with its fans by imposing enlightening questions through tweets. A tweet was discovered a year ago at a place where Nintendo asked Zelda Fans get their favorite music from the game.

Zelda fans have begun to respond to the tweet with screen shots of the “No Video Available” screen and saying things like “This song is a pop”. Someone has created a humorous revision of all the responses Nintendo receives.

Nintendo has been taking some controversial decisions over the past month against the latest move Super Smash Brothers Melee And Splatoon The matches, in addition to the C&D towards Etikons, were very disappointing. It’s sad not to be able to listen to your favorite Nintendo music because there is no real way to listen to them without starting the game. Occasionally official recordings are available for purchase, but they are often difficult to catch.

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There are many different types of Nintendo soundtracks still available to listen to on YouTube, but who knows how long this will last?