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How To Make Winter Holidays Scientifically Fun | ECHOSCIENCES

How To Make Winter Holidays Scientifically Fun | ECHOSCIENCES

How to make winter vacation scientifically fun

Posted by La Casemate on February 10, 2021

Yes, it is a holiday but unfortunately we have not been able to come and visit our extraordinary garden exhibition yet. It is not necessary to find functional ideas, so do not panic, we have collected here many resources to create and entertain you on the theme of plants and biodiversity to make the holidays scientifically fun.

Take a look at the biodiversity during your mountain trek:

Snow sometimes covers plants, but there are many more things to note: Follow in the footsteps of animals and learn about our mountain friends.

Winter Feeding of Garden Birds:

The resources in our garden are often not enough to meet the needs of the birds, the soil is frozen, the trees are empty, so it is necessary to help them. How to use the holidays to create bird feed? This is a great way to take care of them.

Guide works and games on the theme of the garden:

Color pages:

Selection of children’s books:

Find a book list on the theme of plants by downloading the guide to the unusual garden exhibition:


Fred and Jamie tell us about essential plants: “C’est pas sorcier” or “Epicurieux”, many scientific resources:

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