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Harmonis Odyssey - Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021

Harmonis Odyssey – Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021

Indie puzzle game developer Mythic Owl is pleased to announce its new adventure puzzle game Harmonis Odyssey, which will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2021.

Harmonis Odyssey is a life adventure puzzle game that mixes the modern world with myths and comedy. Cyclops come to a place where they can’t take their eyes off their smartphones, angry minnows go to work, and angels relax in their suburban garden pools. Players will embark on a fantastic journey through distant, fictional lands trying to restore peace to the intricately enigmatic areas created by a rowdy cat.

About Harmony’s Odyssey
Harmony, a young, wild witch comes from a quiet forest hut near the city of Olympus. She goes in search of the jealous cat, she steals the magic wand and confuses the world like a ball of yarn.

Meet amazing, curious creatures and enjoy their daily lives full of humor and drama, where fables and urban legends are shared on smartphones, and even a dragon can sometimes get stuck in traffic. The trio of penguins who want to take a few selfies? Are the minnows ready for another bull football game? Get to know them better and connect their little worlds together – piece by piece!


  • 3D tile based game with interactive puzzles
  • Seven vague worlds full of life and myths
  • Awesome action mini-games with a huge selection
  • Beautiful, eye-catching graphics and climate soundtrack
  • Cheerful, fussy creatures similar to real animals
  • Solve, engage, and thought-provoking puzzles
  • Event comedy and drama story combining mythological and contemporary themes

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