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How to drive a Bush motorcycle?  Useful tips - useful information

How to drive a Bush motorcycle? Useful tips – useful information

Not only cars, but unfortunately even on a bike can walk on foot. It may not start due to problems with the fuel / petrol system or the best classic, because the battery is flat. Let’s see how to behave and how to start if you push the bike above all else.

Run the push bike: what’s going on

Every motorcyclist should be aware of the process that starts with pushing the motorcycle. A technique that saves us and is very effective in rare (if the bike is in good condition) cases of two-wheeler trouble during start-up. If the motorcycle breaks, bush ignition is a solution, however it may not be effective in all situations.

If the petrol-related system starts to show problems or the vehicle’s battery is flat, it is almost impossible to start the motorcycle as usual. Clearly, in a specialized workshop, two-wheeler problems can only be solved by going to an expert mechanic. But in the meantime, knowing how to operate the bike by pushing allows you to at least start the vehicle, try to charge the battery a little, and reach a professional center where the bike can undergo specific checks.

However, before attempting to push, we should try to understand what are the issues that prevent the traditional ignition of the bike. Any examples? This may seem trivial, but before you warn:

  • Check if there is petrol in the tank;
  • Make sure the kickstand is not down;
  • Do not forget to remove the neutral and put the bike in gear;
  • Remove the engine module.
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If the bike does not start even with these little tricks, in a few simple steps, let’s see how to start it with the ‘push’ technique.

How to start a push bike

The first thing to do to use this technique is to engage in low gear, usually the second is recommended, which is more appropriate for this intervention. However, some motorcycle models may be pushed even if first inserted.

Once you get into gear, you need to pull the clutch and push the vehicle in front of you, preferably if there is a lot of space, you need to reach a speed of at least 8km / h to get started. Start the bike at this point, be careful because it may slip, so make sure the road is clear enough. Warning: If possible, facilitate operation by operating on a downhill road; Instead of pushing it away, go into the saddle so you can control it even better.

Once you reach the speed you need, release the clutch lever, press the starter and start the bike. Accelerate the clutch so that you can hold the bike without losing control. Elevate the bike’s rotations and always pull the clutch and prevent it from turning off. Always try to keep both your wheels up to date to recharge the battery. If the problem is low battery, this way you have solved it temporarily.

Otherwise the next step to do is to understand what the real problem is not allowing the bike to start in the traditional way. So you can definitely fix it by going to the mechanic.

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