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How to download when games are off on Xbox

How to download when games are off on Xbox

Xbox One A Low power level mode The console can run at low power and perform some tasks in the background. This not only instantly enables the Xbox One, but also allows users to download games in the background. This article will tell you how to download games while Xbox is off.

How to download when games are disabled on Xbox

This guide explains how to set up Power Mode and Remote features and then start downloading the game from the Xbox website.

1]Configure low power mode and remote features on the Xbox

  • Run Xbox One
  • Tap the Xbox Wizard
  • Go towards it System > Settings> General > Power Mode and Startup
  • Select the Power Mode drop-down menu by pressing the A button on the controller
  • Switch to instantaneous operation and make sure the storage is not disabled
  • Then navigate Profile and organization > Settings > Devices and connections > Remote features.
  • To enable remote features, check the box.

2]Start the download from the Xbox website

Now that power mode is set, there are two ways to download games. Start the download first from the Xbox website and then from the console. The latter will only work if the game is already in the queue to be downloaded on the release date.

Install from the Xbox Online Store

  • Go to the Xbox One Online Store.
  • Open the game list and buy if needed
  • See the Install green button in the Games list. Click on it
  • A pop-up window will display two options: console and PC
  • Click the console and then the download button.
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Download the Xbox Game on the console

This can be done using the Xbox app for mobile and PC.

Hope the guide was helpful to you, now you can download games while your console is idle. Obviously you can only download with these settings, not when not plugged in. Take care not to turn off the switch. Otherwise, you will have to do it again.

How to disable automatic updates for Xbox games and apps?

By default, Xbox settings allow you to automatically update games, apps, and system updates. However, if you want to update them manually, you can change the settings to make it more convenient for you.

  • Press the Xbox button to open the wizard /
  • Select Profile & Settings> Settings> System> Updates.
  • Uncheck My Games & Apps to keep it updated.

The next time you want to update, you need to manually check the app or game in the store and update it.

Install from the Xbox Online Store