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6 File Manager iOS applications are better than files app

Apple’s file usage for iOS and iPadOS is less than ideal. It lacks many features and its ergonomics are desirable. Here are the best alternatives.

Apple announces app launch Files The iPhone and iPad were well received. We all thought Finder would find a way for the iPhone, but the use of files is very different. In fact, it is far from a simple and effective file manager. If you have been using files for a long time and / or have tried some complex functions, you know what we’re talking about.

Files are harder to use and even harder to master. Features include Native Download Manager, support for multiple video formats and codes, widget options, PC wireless transfer, and PDF editing. If you are bored with Files App, here are the best alternatives:

Documents provided by Readdle : Best File Manager for iPhone

Documents must have been file manager files. Unlike this app, it offers user friendly design. But the best is definitely its menu layout. Select the files and use the menu button to view all possible actions. The application simplifies functions such as unzipping, renaming, and moving multiple files or folders.

Documentation List (incomplete) features of the application here:

  • Browser and download manager to download anything from the Internet or cloud storage service
  • Background options for music, audiobooks and videos
  • Drag and drop
  • Basic file editing including PDF
  • Playback from cloud storage or local network
  • Wireless transfer from Mac or PC
  • Support for multiple widgets

File Manager & Browser : Minimal but full of features

If the document usage seems overwhelming, try File Manager & Browser. It is an ad support application, but it provides all the basic features for free.

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You can use the browser to upload files or connect to cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or iCloud Drive. You can transfer files from a remote machine or use local servers.

If you like the design of the files application, but want it to work better, try Browser and Document Manager. The application provides three simple tabs: Folders, Browser and Downloads. Many very simple functions to download, transfer, view, move, through this application.

Lastly, the only drawback is the presence of full-page ads. And there is no paid version to hide these ads.

Total files : A silly file manager

If you are looking for a robust and high-visibility file manager, bulk files may be just for you.

Apps will not distract you from third party features like VPNs or PDF editing. She goes straight to the point. This opens the local archive, where you can add new folders and import files. You can also go to the Cloud section to link Dropbox, Google Drive and other accounts.

Apps provide the import feature to move any file from the Files app (locally or on the iCloud drive) to the Total Files Manager, even if you can’t connect to an iCloud Drive account. Apps also offer banner ads, but you can remove them by purchasing the full version for 4.99.

Good reader : It is best to organize your PDFs

If you manage a lot of PDFs on a daily basis, you should consider a separate application for your PDFs, GoodReader is a good option.

The application provides a file management system for your PDFs, allowing them to be organized into folders and easily moved. You can connect to cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and more. It allows you to download, send and sync minor changes made to your PDFs without changing applications.

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GoodReader is a paid app ($ 5.99), but it can be purchased once. You can view and edit PDFs.

Microsoft OneDrive : The files of your Windows system are with you

If you use a Windows PC for work or home, your files are already in Microsoft OneDrive. After all, you get 1TB of cloud storage with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

But if you have an iPhone or iPad, using OneDrive in the Files app is less than ideal. That’s why you may want to use the OneDrive app. It is very successful and supports many useful features. You can easily import, move, export and unzip files.