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Prime Matter & Raycon Games Collaborate "Final Form" • Nintendo Link

Prime Matter & Raycon Games Collaborate “Final Form” • Nintendo Link

After working in secret for almost two years, Koch Media and Reykjav கேk Games are pleased to finally announce their partnership for a new game and a new IP based on the original design of Reykjav –n – the press release released today.

First taste Final Form (Task Title) A sample of the teaser trailer will be presented to gamers at the Summer Sports Festival on June 10, 2021 from Geoff Keeley, which you can watch here:

Final Form (Task title) is a science fiction FPS that takes the player on an action-packed adventure as the human incarnation of an action spaceship. This mission stretches beyond the edge of the known universe in a race against an unstoppable plague to preserve the last heavenly life, the essence and creation of life.

The game is one of the key manifestations of the announcement of the creation of Coach Media’s new premium gaming label, Prime Matter. Koch Media will distribute the title both physically and digitally via PC and unspecified console sites.

Creating this game is like going back to our roots, the final form (working title) has long been growing, evolving, inspired by our passion for exploring the unknown, nurtured by works of art depicting the future of humanity, through civilization we have made our name your own, and beyond that And about being able to. We look forward to revealing the FF, its gruesome moves and wars, breathtaking environments and predatory universe. The main focus of our work is on the soul of the game.

Magdalena Tomkovic, developer and co-founder of Recon Games

Operating from Koch Media’s headquarters in Munich, Prime Matter is a dynamic mix of experienced professionals and enthusiastic new faces, creating an incredible team of diverse multicultural sports experts.

In collaboration with Koch Media’s Global Publishing Agent and Development Partners – and under the guidance of professional Mario Gerholt – Prime Matter guides creativity, expression and curiosity through games that captivate their favorite stories and audiences with success through their incredible moments and life experiences.

“The partnership with Prime Matter is very rewarding and inspiring. We are happy to be a part of the label’s avant-garde,” says Magdalena Domkovich.

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