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Meet the Global New Guard of Fashion

Meet the Global New Guard of Fashion

Today there is a new guard of fashion designers who redefine what timeless style means. Each of these designers from Shanghai, Paris and New York City is rewriting the script and shining a light on inclusion, diversity and sustainability.

This summer, L’Office has scouted the world for talented fashion designers, and we urge everyone to understand the jewelry collections from iconic American jeweler Tiffany & Co. In recognition of this brilliant talent, we have created a unique edition magazine with intimate interviews with each of the designers and their fall collections. The Special Edition also features our film series Style to AT, directed by Honorary Director Lisa Immordino Wriland.

Christopher Rogers’ modern vision and love of glamor, we know he wants to be a part of our special edition feature at the L’Official. Angel Chen is a cool and colorful designer, known for her combination of Eastern and Western styles and her street-meet-elegance approach. Antonin Tron’s free-spirited, down-to-earth personality is evident in all aspects of his label Atline. Download our special edition of ‘Styled to a’ and starring Atlan Paris, Angel Chen, Christopher John Rogers and Tiffany & Co. Discover the latest collections from Antonin Tron.

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