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Come scaricare il green pass dopo la vaccinazione

How To Download Green Pass After Vaccination

Vaccinated Italians receive text messages to get a green certificate, which many media refer to as “green pass” in English (we like Italian).

We are talking about the vaccination certification document, which will be displayed when needed. You can print or save this on your mobile phone.

What do you need

Before downloading the certificate, make sure you have:

1) a computer or smartphone connected to the Internet;

2) the text of the text message you received from the Ministry of Health after vaccination;

3) Your health card.

How to interpret the text of an SMS

As we have already said many times, after the vaccination, the vaccinated person receives a text message from the Ministry of Health, which briefly informs them that the certificate is available on the Internet, and then gives the following information:

– The word “adcode” may seem mysterious, but, as we shall see, must be used when filling out the online form to obtain certification;

– Identification code, made up of letters and numbers;

– Address of the website where the certificate is to be downloaded:

The same SMS adds that this information can be used for immunization and accompanying certification Application Io.

In this article, we will explain what to do to get certified from the Internet and the site

Download the certificate step by step, in 10 steps

1) The first thing to do is get a health card. Maybe you keep it in your wallet or somewhere at home. Take it and you will need it in the next few minutes.

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However, you do not need other identification documents.

2) Go to this webpage:

3) Write the last number you found on the health card under “Last 8 Digits Health Card Identification Number”. Attention: This is not the tax code, but the number you see immediately on the back of the card.

4) Type of code: Select the item “Autocode – code received by email or SMS from PN-DGC site”.

5) Under “Certificate Language” you can choose:
– Italian English
– Italian-English-German
– Italian English French.

Of course, the last two items will be useful for you if you want to use the pass for a trip to a German or French speaking country. Otherwise, the Italian-English version may suffice.

6) Write the date shown on the card under “Health Card Expiry Date”.

7) Under “Identification Code”, write the code in the text message you received from the Ministry of Health.

8) Instead write the word you see above under “Security Code”. This way, the government site verifies that you are actually a person who can read and fill out the forms, Not a computer.

9) Click “Restore Certificate”.

10) If you did everything right, you will end up with a new page where you will find two buttons:

Download the certificate

Download QRcode

The certificate is in PDF format and you can print it out or keep it on your phone. It also contains QRcode.

The QR code, You already know, this is an image, ready to be recognized by electronic devices.

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The PDF should be sufficient because it also contains the image of Qrcode. But if in doubt, download both on your smartphone: it’s good to have them on hand for the next few days as things are going on.