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Hollywood stars are opting for gray hair, which will become the latest fashion 2021

Hollywood stars are opting for gray hair, which will become the latest fashion 2021

Going out through the magazines or watching TV, of course we would have heard or read the words “Body Positive”.

This is a wonderful phrase that refers to an international event, a movement – we can define it. “Body Positive” is the claim of one’s own appearance to all women who deviate from the norms of unusual beauty and traditional aesthetics.

The noticeable and uncut belly, elongated hips, and uncut legs are some of the corrections or concerns that plague women.

Going out of the box is a bold act and a gesture that we can define as modern feminism to present itself to the general social audience without withdrawing!

Not just a few pounds of cellulite and display, the last barrier attached to female aesthetics was finally cleared: gray hair!

The saying of the incomparable artist Anna Magnani is famous: I lovingly gave money to all of them ”.

It took many years, however, for a visionary phrase to become the goal of women who are not so young now.

Hollywood stars are opting for gray hair, which will become the latest fashion 2021

At the Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood stars Jodi Foster and Andy McDowell revealed their salt and pepper hair. Foliage McDowell This will go unnoticed! The actress, in fact, after many years, was a testament to the colors she had to do, chose silver hair, and wore it with pride.

Not only Hollywood divas, but even royal dignitaries like Caroline of Monaco or Queen Leticia of Spain have recently claimed to be good enough to dye.

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Gray hair has an inherent elegance, but until recently that was the only thing that could take advantage of man’s charm!

For all those who are addicted to color, the time has come to be brave and be proud of their salt and pepper hair.

It will no longer be a question of advancing age, but following the trends of the moment and being in the latest fashion.

In any case it is necessary to treat the hair with a shampoo containing purple pigments to avoid yellowing.

Flaxseed oil is good friend for shiny hair.

Last tip, shampoo perfectly, always rinse hair with cold water because it closes the cuts. In fact, gray hair is particularly powdery.

Hollywood stars are opting for gray hair, which is becoming the latest fashion 2021, therefore, allowing millions of women to get rid of the boring dye.

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