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How To Download Fitness + App On iPod

How To Download Fitness + App On iPod

On the iPhone and Apple TV, Fitness + will be installed automatically when upgrading to iOS 14.3 and TVOS 14.3, but not on the iPod.

If you want to use Fitness + on an iPod, you have to Manually download the app from the App Store.

It’s not clear why Apple didn’t include the Fitness + app in the iPad when updating to iPados 14.3, but it’s as easy as downloading any other app. Check it out in the App Store or click the link above to access it and then tap “Get”.

Once installed, the Fitness app on the iPod can be used to watch fitness + workouts with or without the Apple Watch to track fitness. Unlike the fitness app for the iPhone, the Fitness app for the iPod does not contain a summary of fitness measurements or other fitness information – the app is designed as a portal to Fitness +, that’s all.

Exercise Plus on the iPod 2

When Fitness + was first released, the iPad app was disabled and not available for download, but Apple has now fixed that issue, and everyone can Download from the App Store.

Fitness + Compatible with All iPod Pro models, the fifth generation iPad and later, the iPod Mini 4 and later, the third generation iPod Air and later, and the 2014 iPod Air 2 and later. Requires iPadOS 14.3.

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