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presidio no green pass all'università

USB and university students

Genoa. About twenty people, including students and workers at the University of Genoa, gathered at the entrance via Palki 5 from 7.30am today, and there is no green pass duty for activities at the university.

The Presidium was organized by the Basic Public Employment Union on the first day of the rule.

The constitutional violation for students reaffirmed the position in a letter to the rector, reiterating that the university was a public place, so “the pass cannot be a document to exercise one’s rights”.

One student reiterates: “We pay taxes like a vaccinated boy because we have a free choice for the discriminated vaccine.”

Leonardo sinicaglia (M-48 and Joint Come Studio? Genoa), one of the souls of the No Green Boss movement, provokes the struggle: “Classrooms are not protected, on the contrary, the university is still a closed space. Green Pass is another chapter in this process. We will not return to the classroom as before. The Green Pass is an ideological adherence to that. ”

Workers are also expressing their opposition. “It’s a big discrimination, there’s no health basis for it, because there are so many contradictions: the university information point is open without a green pass. I don’t even like to test students,” said one employee.

There are those who are willing to accept even suspension.

Massimiliano Gillino The USB Public Service: “We are not No-Vox, but we are against the Green Pass tool. It is a discriminatory measure because it is not a security guarantee measure, it also leads to the suspension of wages and it is a bureaucratic practice that hides what has not been done in recent months for the safety of workers.

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There is no debate about Gillino Infection-related safety guarantees It created an internal struggle among the workers. We are considering taking legal action, but not giving voice to those who are currently voiceless, thinking about what the problem is and not resisting in terms of slogans that solve the real problems. Make a thorough inspection of the safety measures followed up to this point, if they are used and provide a full warranty. “

USB considers the Green Pass to be “a political move to help eliminate deficiencies in the management of the epidemic.” For one and a half years, regional health and treatments have had to come to terms with the fact that deep structural and social interventions have not come. “

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the entrance through the bulb, checks of documents were carried out from the morning: all staff are subjected to checks, while students are pending for new arrangements.